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  /  News   /  Joshua Angrist, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences 2021, closed the LACEA-LAMES 2021 edition

Joshua Angrist, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences 2021, closed the LACEA-LAMES 2021 edition

The LACEA-LAMES 2021 wrapped the event magnificently thanks to the highly anticipated lecture of Joshua Angrist. Professor Juan Vargas, from Universidad del Rosario, one of the event’s organizers, introduced Angrist’s lecture and congratulated him for his recent Nobel prize award.

At the conference, the Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences 2021, Joshua Angrist, presented a paper entitled Marginal Effects of Merit Aid for Low-Income Students. He studied the effect of financial aid granted to low-income students by the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation (STBF).

In his research, the professor analyzed the returns and marginal changes in the population who received this aid had compared to those who did not. The Nobel laureate and his colleagues found that awarding prizes increases the percentage of graduated students among those who apply to four-year college programs.

Likewise, there are other types of effects, such as the effect that this award allocation has on the acceptance to this type of program, or also that the expected earnings are greater than the cost of financing for some students: low-income, non-white, with inadequate academic preparation, among others.

In this way, the professor shows in his research that this type of aid can significantly benefit some high school students with low incomes and motivate them to obtain their university degrees.